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new, hello!

hi, im jocelyn, i joined the community. i noticed its not really all that active, but ill do my best to promote and get some life back into it. i know i have some crazy friends who love finding nemo. and well, yeah, whats not to love?

i dont think theres an.. application for this or anything, and i never really know what to put in one of these introduction thingers. usually i get all kinds of crap when i join communities due to my username *points to above* and if it offends anyone, im sorry in advance, so please dont leave me a bazillion messages about how im going to hell... ive gotten all those. its just a username, but apology in advance anyway.

about me? i read a lot, play video games a lot, and im on the computer a lot. mostly when im on the computer im playing DOOM. its a great game. or... im sitting around watching tv, and drinking tea.

if you want to know anything else, comment, or add me, or IM me or whatever. im a nice kid. ^_^
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