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I bought a big Nemo!!

But apparently, there is a bigger one. So who here has finding nemo softoys?!
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yeah there is a saw huge one at the disney store, but yours is pretty big :) lol.
Thanks :) The big one is REALLY big. Apparently they aren't supposed to sell it because it's a promotional one, but someone ended up buying it anyway because it doesnt exist anywhere =/
hey i think my boyfriend bought me that nemo!
that's awesome :) you should take a photo and share the nemo love!
lol, if only i had my digital camera...
hi new.

but the real reason im commenting is b/c i have that nemo!! he's very cuddly.
cute icon !
i have that same Nemo =D
i saw a bigger nemo than that at the fair but its cute lol
awwww i love it!!

i have a smaller one.. along with all the other findin nemo crew buddies...

my fave is bubbles.. im sure u can all tell <3

much love,
Frankyy <3
i have that same nemo ! my friend won it for me on the boardwalk !
my friend won one of those at a carnival. except this kid were friends with took it to make her mad, and when she pulled on it to get it back it ripped and the stuffing was all over this area of the carnival. lol
I want a Bubbles toy but they never sell them DAMNIT! :(!
I have 3 different sized Nemos. I love them so much! They look so cute when I line them all up on my bed.